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Ostomy and Continence Care

e.g. Arterial wound, Venous wound etc.
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Ostomy Care

With the guidance of your physician, Ambi's Home Health Care, LLC can provide you with intestinal or urinary care. Our staff includes Ostomy Nurses who will manage patients who have been recommended for ostomy care in their homes or while in a care facility. The care services include:

  • Educating the patient with self-care
  • Guidance in the proper care of stoma
  • Assistance when stomal equipment complications occur (skin allergies or irritations, rashes, leakage, odor)

Continence Care

Caring for patients who have trouble with urinary and bowel continence requires a lot of patience. Ambi's Home Health Care, LLC understands how delicate the condition may be which is why we only assign the most experienced nurses or aides to these cases.

We put more focus on support services for incontinent management rather than in the use of catheters or absorbent undergarments. Although some cases may not be curable, there are approaches that we can take to make daily living more manageable for patients.

We exercise extreme sensitivity in handling incontinence management by providing patients with care options. Our care staff will regularly coordinate with the primary physician to keep them informed of the patient’s urinary and bowel control conditions and thus enabling them to make necessary adjustments to the prescribed care plan when needed.

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